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Little Mozart's Musical Academy

Monthly Fees:

Little Mozart's Musical Academy is a highly competitive organization. 

Our classes are designed to accommodate your personal schedule. Listed below are a few of the options available.

Private Classes (one and one)

4 Classes/30 min = $85 (1 class per week, for 4 weeks)

8 Classes/30 min = $160 (2 classes per week, for 4 weeks)

4 Classes/1 hour = $160 (1 class per week, for 4 weeks)

8 Classes/ 1 Hour= $295 (2 classes per week, for 4 weeks)

For every recommendation you make; a $30 discount will be applied to your account!

No Registration Fee!

NO Contract Required!

Scholarship Opportunity

Every year, the Academy awards two students a musical scholarship. The criteria to receive this award is based on the dedication and effort exerted over the course of the year. These students will receive a discount of 50% towards any instrument they would like to study.